Mass on Time is a tool des­igned to give Cath­olics better access to the sac­raments and to their local parishes. Simply type in your add­ress, (or let Mass on Time guess,) and you will be pre­sented with a list of sched­uled Masses or other serv­ices in your area, sorted by time and clearly marked by dis­tance. Click further to find parish info and dri­ving dir­ections.


Mass on Time is a pro­ject by Andrew Stine (me.) You can find out more about me and my pro­jects, including how to con­tact me, through my web­site here: The Attic Light

With Thanks

In addition, Mass on Time depends very heavily on the work of the folks at Mass­Times. If you find Mass on Time useful, I strongly sug­gest that you don­ate to their efforts.